a lull in festivites and activiaties

I know i just started this blog and your thinking wow your taking a break already lol
its just of coarse that the bank book rules the projects….. i have some stuff to work on and need some stuff to complete it hence the lull and rent is due!!  very important

so this week i just layed about w my teenager who is on punishment so is stuck at home with me the most boring place in the world (her words)

I should take this time and make my list of projects i want to complete yes I’m a list person i find that when things are listed even if its in my head there is no better satisfaction then being able to cross it off (even in my head lol) but right now I’m all about prepping for my NEW YEARS DAY BRUNCH my first ever

I am usually a go out and party NEW YEARS EVE type of woman (i was gonna say girl but i hate hate hate when women call themselves girls) and this will be my first year ever not partying on NYE (oops i lie for my daughters first nye i stayed home w her her daddy’s idea but my sisters stopped by and we partied it up before she headed to the club awwwww good times good times lol) anyway back to the new plan

I am hosting a NEW YEARS DAY BRUNCH for my cousins and sisters and families we’ll have about 6 under 6 running around here and about 12 adults omg who’s idea was this???? oh yeah mine

2012 Project List
complete coffee table
get & reupholster a chair for living room
complete headboard bench
folding doors (do something to them)
picture ledges for the living room (fingers crossed trying to get this one done before new year)
get or create a tufted headboard
side tables & lamps for my bedroom

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